Vashea's Murder

The proprietor of the Hag’s Library, Vashea, was killed the day before the party arrived in town. They witnessed her son being taken into custody on their way to the town entrance, and convinced Captain Lasta to let them help solve the case. After threatening Sige, Vashea’s son, they convinced Gotieue, one of the guards in charge of the case, to disguise herself as him in an attempt to draw the killer out. The party found the following pieces of evidence:

  • Remnants of a blood-splattered letter/series of notes about a book, addressed to a woman named Lashenda, who Sige called his aunt. The book appeared to be about the history of the region, and Vashea’s notes indicated that someone might come to find it.
  • Evidence of something being missing from a drawer
  • A bag of gold underneath a floorboard in Vashea’s room
  • Evidence that Sige had begun sleeping in his mother’s room

Sige admitted that his mother had prevented him from selling a book to someone dressed all in black the day she died, and that said person would kill him now. He turned out to be correct when he party let him go home and staked out his house. Butcher and Hale tracked down the murderer while Freya attempted to heal him, but was caught by surprise and knocked out. She was found shortly afterwards by Damaia, holding a blunt knife that had been used to kill Sige all over again. Damaia locked Freya in the room and looked around outside, befriending a local child in the process (and concerning the child’s mother). Hale and Butcher injured the murderer as they tried to escape across the bay, but they killed themselves before they could be caught.

The party informed Gotieue of their progress in the middle of the night, and were promised compensation and a discussion of what, if anything, to do next come the morning. The party were then paid, and following a visit to the coroner, the case was closed.

Vashea's Murder

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