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The Sanguine Sea is known for its island chains and shallow waters, making it perfect for merchants and explorers to ply their trades. A temperate region full of lush forests, it is nonetheless often battered by storms and unusual weather patterns, particularly around the Malebolg, an extinct volcano on the edge of where the Sanguine Sea meets the Boundless Ocean, a much deeper and deadlier expanse to the west.

There are four main chains to the region in addition to many other outlying islands, each host to between two and five settlements. Some islands are uninhabited, or are in the process of being settled and explored.

The Tranquil Chain: the furthest east and the least likely to get hit by a storm, this chain of seven islands is home to Caralene, the largest city in the Sanguine Sea. Most people here enjoy a high standard of living due its status as a trade hub.
Also home to: the Valseur Co-ops, Esterton

Fruk’s Altar: a tiny northern chain with little vegetation, Fruk’s Altar is named for the priest who took his congregation to settle there away from the sinners of the mainland. It has since become home to several mining villages, and Fruk’s grandchildren, equally as zealous, are all in charge of one each.
Also home to: some genuinely awful people.

The Jagged Reef: home to a hundred shipwrecks, this chain sits in the perfect part of the Sanguine Sea to catch all of the debris from a storm along one side. As such it is home to many scavengers who operate on a finder’s keeper’s philosophy. Its largest town, Catch-o’-the-Day (or just Catch to locals), sells recovered goods back to merchants at a high enough cost for it to be a swindle, but still low enough for it to be a viable alternative to repurchasing new stock.

The Dancing Islands: a set of small and sandy islands who find themselves moving in random directions by a few feet each month. Most settlements here don’t get too big or permanent, and those that do rely on clever engineering to keep them that way.

The Malebolg: the largest island that stands on its own, the Malebolg is an anomaly. It should have been swallowed up by the ocean by now, given its proximity to deeper waters, but some force shields it and its inhabitants. That same force seems to have an effect on magic in the area, but this has not prevented it from being settled – in particular, some nobles move there for just that eccentricity.
Also home to: Little Inferno, Purgatory, Limbo

The World

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