Quest Progress and Information


Wendel has asked the party to map a route to Limbo since the lift keeps breaking down. Hale believes he can lead the party through a shorter path, while Butcher Barrows has voted for the longer, potentially less hazardous Old Road. Captain Lasta prevented the party from leaving at the last minute after discovering that the Baroness’ illness may have spread, citing a potential murderer on the loose as his reasoning for not letting anyone leave. The party managed to sneak out of town after Damaia was contacted with a job offer. After a day of travel and a few discoveries, they have decided to make two maps – one which they will turn in to Wendel, and another which they will keep for themselves. The map is complete! Yay! Hand in to Wendel for EXP.

Vashea’s Murder

The Baroness Is Ill

The Baroness is ill, and the disease may have spread throughout town via escaping servants who just want to see their families. The party may need to find another way out of town, either through stealth, bribes, or just being trustworthy enough to let out. Having met Bula Bashuk, the cleric who tried to heal her last, the party is sure that she is the victim (or centre) of a powerful curse, and that only those who have helped her are affected.

Rowan Gerop’s Disappearance

Rowan Gerop, daughter of one of the smiths at the Four Sisters’ Forge, has been missing for a month. The party suspects that she is a groupie of the Caralene Falcons.

Special Delivery

Khakal has asked Damaia to get the Mayor of Limbo some drugs in exchange for getting the party out of town. She managed to charm some of his employees into below market rate potions of healing, as well as some information about the drugs: they apparently amplify magical power. The Mayor has not been seen in about a month, however.

Twelve Step Program

Dench’s baby goat was looked over by an enraged druid, who had recently lost her giant vulture friend to the arrows of the party. In a bid to reform the goat, she entered into battle with the party and lost her life. Any secrets she may have held are now lost forever.

Hit List

The Lift

The Lift connecting Little Inferno and Limbo is on its last legs, and Hale has enquired with Essanth, one of its workers, as to whether he can use his connections on the high seas to bring in parts to repair it more quickly. She isn’t in charge of anything, and will get back to him if he likes.


Jara is still lonely.

Quest Progress and Information

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