Hit List

Guard Captain Sarram of Limbo has asked the party to reduce the influence of four known troublemakers in town, who are vital to the resistance movement against the Caralene Falcons and their platform of not being racist dicks. With these four arrested, things will get a little safer for people in town, and the town can start to resemble a civilised society.


Found in the Centrum smiling as the Temple of Dioscore burned, Arastr was ‘interrogated’ by Vulture Company until he revealed that he was the one who set the fire. Investigation of his fanny pack revealed that he had been paid a large sum by someone with beautiful, flowery cursive to commit arson. The party then crippled him and brought him to Sarram.


Hoping to find out more information about her activities before putting the boots to Arda, Freya convinced the party to go to the Printing Press, owned by a Halfling named Tilly, to see just what they were dealing with. Tilly nervously revealed that Arda is where most of her revenue comes from, and that a bunch of guys come around regularly to pick up boxes full of anti-Dwarf, anti-Falcon propaganda to distribute to the masses. In addition, the handwriting on the arson note in Arastr’s possession matched that of someone who had filled in orders on Arda’s behalf in the past. With more than enough evidence to have her arrested, the party broke into her house, crushed her butler, and murdered her sons before bundling her up in some rugs and putting her in a cart to take to the guard tower.

Sylvia, Arda’s maid/PA, was able to help the party find a list of additional cronies Arda had been paying to cause trouble in town, as well as identify that the note to Arastr was written by one of the now-dead sons.

Sarram was not thrilled with how this went, even though he now has a stack of evidence linking people previously not on his radar to other crimes.

Voortham and Gloria

The only people left on the list are Voortham and Gloria, twin soldiers who have a habit of occupying public buildings and refusing to come out until their demands are met, coming out when they get hungry, getting drunk, and beating people up.

Once all four are turned in, you can get 600gp and some EXP. In addition to these four, a woman called Piona can be arrested for extra money. she is the right hand of Tessios the Just, leader of the resistance movement, and like him, has never once left the Drunken Dog, their base of operations. Getting to her will be extremely tricky, and Sarram doesn’t expect you to bring her in as he believes the risk to be too great.

Hit List

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