Tarquin is the second son of the South Shore Tiswassles, a halfling noble family noted for their gnomish bloodline – Tarquin’s great-great grandfather married a tinker gnome and merged the two family names to create his own branch. They only live in South Shore, but any noble worth their salt knows that the right wording can make you sound more important to the uninitiated.

He has only ever been seen with his head buried in some books, and he appeared to be on his way to study at the school in Little Inferno before the quarantine began. In addition, his wallet was stolen by Damaia, and so he owes Bari at Swan Square a great deal in personal labour for the extravagant costs he racked up in her hotel before the time came to pay the bill.

Vulture Company suspect he might know something about the book Vashea was looking at before she died, and that he may even be involved.



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