"Should've paid me more, Arda."


Sylvia has spent the past two years as a maid in Arda’s employ, doing everything that her employer was too immobile to handle herself. She is incredibly competent and her duties are more accurately those of a PA, but Arda herself dislikes giving her staff titles that imply any importance on their part. It has led to some resentment, and she was happy to help the party find evidence of Arda’s hate crimes after she was talked down from attacking them to protect the old bag.

A magic user herself, Sylvia is very aware of the dangers of spellcasting outside the protection of Little Inferno’s crystal, and tends towards daggers hidden in her sleeves should the need for combat arise.

She has offered to vouch for Vulture Company if necessary, which may come in handy considering they broke into someone’s house, murdered two of the inhabitants, and kidnapped another during their ‘investigation’.



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