Silmarwen Felagund


Silmarwen is the leader of the Caralene Falcons, and an ex-government Necromancer. She started the group with her friend Grenmila five or six years ago, and her drive and intelligence quickly made her the natural choice for a leader.

Less wide-eyed and naive as she was before her adventuring career, Silmarwen has no problems taking strong actions for what she believes to be the greater good. However, she is plagued by personal responsibility and will not avoid the repercussions of said actions.

De facto leader of Limbo as they search for the Mayor to try him for hate crimes, she spends most of her days doing more paperwork than she had ever thought possible, distracting her from her as-yet unknown purpose for being on the island in the first place. Silmarwen is happy that Vulture Company have offered their help, but is quickly beginning to realise that they may be a little too enthusiastic and a little less aware of the consequences of their actions than she had first hoped.


Silmarwen Felagund

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