Bula Bashuk

Adorable Cleric, plagued by many things


Bula is a sweet and caring lady who has only ever wanted to help people, and it has gotten her into trouble more times than she can count. Currently bedridden, she hasn’t been seen by the townspeople since the battle that led to the Falcons’ takeover.

She was recently discovered barricaded in her room by the party, trying to research a cure for the illness she has contracted from treating the Baroness in Little Inferno. The Falcons have thus far respected her wishes to not come near her, as she suspects that she has been hit by a curse that affects people in some way connected to the Baroness. With her health fading, she hasn’t had the strength to keep her research up, and she has passed some notes on to Butcher Barrows, because fighters are the best at this kind of thing.


Bula Bashuk

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